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No Wait Dental Plans

There are thousands of in-network dentists for our no wait plans. Chances are high that your dentist is one of them. We can provide you with a list of in-network providers based on your area, or we can lookup your dentist to check and see if they are in-network for you. You have no need to worry, with these plans you are sure to not only have a quality local dentist to turn to for your dental needs, but also tons of savings. No matter where what county you live in within MO or RI, rest assured you are covered. 

Can you provide pricing for any of these plans?

Like most insurance plans, coverage for our no wait dental plans will take effect on the 1st of the month. So, depending upon the date in which your sign up, your coverage could take effect in a single day or in 30 days. The great news is that as soon as your coverage does take effect you will absolutely no waiting period from the effective date to get any level of dental service done. If you are interested and you notice it is getting close to the 1st of the next month, we strongly recommend calling us to get coverage asap so you don't have to wait another month for your coverage to take effect. Approval is fast, generally same day, so don't delay!

Our discount plans are different. Since it is not actual insurance, but rather a discount on dental and medical related services, the benefits take effect immediately and at anytime you choose to purchase. The is no specific date in the month that enrollment takes place. 

Ready to get started with one of our plans? 

Will my dentist be in-network with any of these plans?

Pricing for each of the no wait dental plans we offer vary based on several factors such as calendar year, plan level, plan type, customer age, and customer location. Due to this, we are unable to give you exact plan pricing without speaking with you first to learn all of the details of your plan specifications. However, we do have a sheet you can view to the right to give you an idea of individual plan pricing from 2015 for the state of MO.

This sheet will hopefully give you a ballpark idea of what to expect. Please keep in mind these are not exact for either MO or RI for 2016. For exact rates, please call us at 1-800-750-7581 or fill out our quick quote form. 

When will my coverage take effect?