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No Wait Dental Plans

Not a Resident of MO or RI? Not to worry!

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Attention All MO & RI Residents:

"When things sound to good to be true they usually are. Not with these no wait plans though! I still can't believe I never knew about this little secret for the state of MO. So thankful to NBG for getting me setup with a worry free plan for my family."

Janice V. - Springfield, MO

Age 41 - Dental 1000 Family Plan

The best news about these no wait plans? They apply to all levels of service! So, whether you are needing basic services such as fillings are a routine tooth extraction, or something more emergent such as crowns or a route canal, these no wait plans will provide immediate coverage on all of these and more. Plus, these perks apply to both individual and family plans as long as everyone on the plan resides in the state of MO. 

No Prior Coverage 
Did you know there are affordable dental plans available that provide immediate coverage in only these U.S. states? No waiting periods and no proof of prior coverage required. Get the care you need for you and your family today. Click below to learn more. 
Not only do our plans not require a waiting period, but if you are a Missouri resident, you also do not have to provide any proof of prior coverage to qualify for these no wait dental plans. This means anyone who resides in MO qualifies for these plans! However, most MO residents have no clue this perk even exists to them. That is where we step in. Greenway is here to get you started so you can be on your way to good oral health.
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"I recently signed up for an individual plan through National Benefits Group when my dentist gave me their info. I was in need of a root canal and had a waiting period still with my prior carrier. I was able to switch to a no wait plan so easily and within a few days I was able to get the coverage I needed for what would have been a huge financial burden. I cannot begin to say how grateful I am for National Benefits Group no wait dental plans!"

Kaci L. - Rhode Island

Age 29 - Dental 1500 Plan

"How did I not know about this!To think of all the money I have wasted on procedures with past plans. NEVER AGAIN! Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Taneisha B. - St. Louis, MO

Age 38 - Dental 1000 Plan

It is a well known fact; dental carriers require a minimum waiting period for all basic and major restorative services. These waiting periods typically average 6-12 months depending on the level of service required. However, Greenway Insurance is an elite provider of dental plans that provide immediate coverage with absolutely no waiting periods required for all Missouri residents. We encourage all MO residents to learn more.
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